Wilmington United, DE patch

May. 2004
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Wilmington United
Wilmington, Delaware

Donated by Bryan James.

Bryan, and the Wilmington United, can be reached via email at: coach@wilmingtonunited.com.

Visit the history ARCHIVE of Wilmington United website.

Bryan says:
"I worked with The Logo Compnay of Hyllinge, Sweden on design elements that would capture the spirit of Wilmington and the team. The independent team I formed now proudly uses and exchanges the patch shown here.

The badge features the team name on top and bottom banners. Rockford Tower, a ship's wheel, the American holly, and a ball and net, all colored in the team's black and red. Rockford Tower is a local landmark and is the site of an annual festival. The ship's wheel celebrates the area's nautical heritage. Swedish settlers landed near Wilmington and in the early 1900's Wilmington was a famous ship building port. The Holly is Delaware's state tree, but beyond that is noted for it's longevity and toughness. Finally, the ball and net tie the badge fully to the sport we love."

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Patch #1493, added on May 2, 2004.


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