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On June 20, 2001, Tobias Kirch ( added:

Christoph Löhr is completely right, Borussia Mönchengladbach is the only bigger Club in Germany that has green and white in their team colors, and whose fans stand in the "Nordkurve" (North end) of their stadium. In Germany there is a difference between the "real" or "hardcore" fans, who normally have a special region in the stadium, normally areas where are no seats for the "normal" fans. The places for the "real" fans normally are behind the goals, each opponent's fans on one side.


On July 16, 2000, Christoph Löhr wrote:

"Nordkurve" is ... ... the place, where the "Borussia Mönchengladbach"-fans stand in their "Bökelberg"-stadium. The "Schalke 04"-fans stand in a "Nordkurve" as well, but their colours are blue-white. The only club in Germany having a "Nordkurve" and wearing green and white (and black) in their colours is Borussia Mönchengladbach, so this patch has its origin there! Nevertheless, I hate this club. Alemannia Aachen all the way!


On Apr. 25, 2000, Jonathan M. wrote:

"I believe "nordkurve" refers in German to the North endzone of a stadium. The French use the term "virage" which means curve and refers to the endzone of a soccer stadium. It seems to me it's a pretty generic term and is probably used by a lot of different fan/support groups as a name that also points out which part of the stadium they stake claim to. All that's left is to find out which team it is -- we know their colors must be green and white, which rules out FC Schalke (blue and white). My guesses would be 1)Borussia M'Gladbach, 2) Werder Bremen, or 3)VFL Wolfsburg."


On Mar. 15, 2000, our friends at Patch Works, Inc. wrote:

"I am an avid European football supporter. I have looked on the net and I believe that the Nordkurve patch is a stadium for a German football team, FC Schalke I Hope this helps."


On Feb. 7, 2000, Bill Streifer of The Oceanside Revolution wrote:

"Nordkurve has SOME relationship to soccer. It might be an umbrella organization for clubs throughout Europe.... but everything I have seen on the subject is in German. Nordkurve (which means North Curve, in German) is also an old auto racetrack! (See:
Hope this helps! :))"


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