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April 1997
04.30 Added Freestate Soccer Alliance, Bowie, MD.
04.29 Added Bethesda Soccer Club Tournament, 13th, 1996, Bethesda, MD.
04.28 Added Massapeuqa Soccer Club Intramural Tournament, 1994, Massapequa, NY.
04.27 Added East Islip Soccer Club, Fall 1990, East Islip, NY.
04.26 Added Hardees WJHL-TV 1994 Tournament, Johnson City, TN.
04.25 Added Lynnfield Youth Soccer Club, Lynnfield, MA.
04.24 Added Orange Lightning, Orange, CT.
04.23 Added BlauWeiss Gottschee, Ridgewood, NY.
04.22 Added Harvard Soccer Club, Harvard, MA.
04.21 Added Upland AYSO region 32, Upland, CA.
04.20 Added Chester Soccer, Chester, NJ.
04.19 Added Floral Park Indians, Floral Park, NY.
04.18 Added Washington Township, Washington, NJ.
04.17 Added Middletown Youth Soccer Club, Middletown, RI.
04.16 Added St. Patrick - V.O.B. Soccer Club, Smithtown, NY.
04.15 Added Waterford Warriors, Waterford, MI.
04.14 Added River-Fest Soccer Classic, 1994, Chattanooga, TN.
04.13 Added Island Trees Soccer Club, Long Island, NY.
04.12 Added Pittsburgh Strikers, Pittsburgh, PA.
04.11 Added Orangetown Travel Soccer Club, Orangetown, NY.
04.10 Added Parsippany Soccer Club, Parsippany, NJ.
04.09 Added Cape Express Soccer Club, Cape May County, NJ.
04.09 InfoSports
InfoSports: Youth Sports on the Web
is selected as the April Soccer Site of the Month
04.08 Downriver Rockets, "Downriver", MI,
is selected as the Patch of the Month.
March 1997
03.14 We will be away on an extended business trip until mid-April.
03.14 Added Weston Soccer Club, Weston, MA.
03.13 Added Mountain Soccer Club, South Vermont.
03.12 Added Scores, Boca Raton, FL.
03.11 Added Hewlett-Lawrence Soccer Club, Long Island, NY.
03.10 Added United Soccer Federation, Maine.
03.09 Added Westbrook Soccer League, Westbrook, Maine.
03.08 We are considering a Classified Ads section.
03.07 Added Downriver Rockets, "Downriver", MI.
03.06 Added Timberlane Youth Soccer, 1997, Timberlane, NH.
03.05 Added Manassas Area Soccer Assoc., 1996, Manassas, VA.
03.04 Added Redoubt Soccer Assoc., Chattanooga, Hamilton County, TN.
03.03 Added Hampden Soccer, Hampden, PA.
03.02 Added Mavericks United Soccer Club, Redding, CA.
03.01 Added pages for California, Kentucky, and Michigan.
03.01 InTerNeT SocCeR KiDs AssOciaTioN
InTerNeT SocCeR KiDs AssOciaTioN
is selected as the March Soccer Site of the Month

Here is the history ARCHIVE of InTerNeT SocCeR KiDs AssOciaTioN
selected as the March Soccer Site of the Month
03.01 1996 Tenth Annual Soccer Invitational, Johnson City, Tennessee,
is selected as the Patch of the Month.
February 1997
02.28 Created a Harold Clay (the Patchman) page.
02.28 Added River-Fest Soccer Classic, 1993, Chattanooga, TN.
02.27 Added Haddon Heights Soccer Club, Haddon Heights, NJ
02.26 Added Cumberland United-Unis Soccer Club, Ottawa, Canada
02.25 The Soccer Patch is selected as the Featured Site of the
InTerNeT SocCeR KiDs AssOciaTioN
02.25 Added Farmington Soccer Club, Farmington Hills, Michigan
02.24 Added South Carroll Soccer Club, Carroll County, MD.
02.23 Added South Texas Youth Soccer Association.
02.22 Added North Texas State Soccer Association.
02.21 Added Jefferson Cup 1996, Richmond, VA.
02.20 Added 1996 Tenth Annual Soccer Invitational, Johnson City, TN.
02.19 Added Marlton R. C., Marlton, NJ.
02.18 Added Lafayette Soccer Club, Norfolk, VA.
02.17 Added North Soccer Club, North Attleboro, MA.
02.16 Added Loudoun Soccer Club, Loudoun County, VA.
02.15 Added Braintree Youth Soccer, Braintree, MA.
02.14 Added Princeton Soccer Association, Princeton, NJ.
02.13 Added Brookfield United Soccer Club, Brookfield, CT.
02.12 Added Claremore Soccer Club, Claremore, OK.
02.11 Added Springfield Youth Club 1996 All-Stars, Springfield, VA.
02.10 Added Evesham Youth Soccer Club, Evesham, NJ.
02.09 Added Richmond Strikers 1996, Richmond, VA.
02.08 Added Wadsworth Amateur Soccer Association, Wadsworth, OH.
02.07 Added Philadelphia Soccer Club, Philadelphia, PA.
02.06 Added West Chester United Soccer, West Chester, PA.
02.05 Added Brentwood Soccer Club, Brentwood, NY.
02.04 Added Foxboro Cup, 1996, Six on Six, Foxboro, MA.
02.03 Added Foxboro Soccer, Foxboro, MA.
02.02 Added Carver Youth Soccer Association, Carver, MA.
02.01 The Game Behind the Game
The Game Behind the Game
is selected as the February
Soccer Site of the Month
02.01 Eastern Pike Soccer, Matamoras, Pennsylvania,
is selected as the Patch of the Month.
January 1997
01.30 Added East Haddam Soccer Club, East Haddam, CT.
01.28 Added Carmel United, Carmel-Kent-Patterson, NY.
01.26 Added Walnut Creek Soccer Club, 1996, Walnut Creek, CA.
01.25 Added East Hartford Soccer Club, East Hartford, CT.
01.24 Added Highland Youth Soccer Club, Gloucester Township, NJ.
01.23 Added Sharon Eagles, Sharon, MA.
01.22 Added an Awards Page.
01.22 NetGuide Gold Site
The Soccer Patch receives
NetGuide's Gold Award.
01.21 Added Wheaton Soccer Club, Wheaton, MD.
01.20 We have hit the 300 patch mark!!
We would like to thank all of our contributors.
Starting with patch #300, we will be numbering all patches.

01.20 Added Council Rock United, Bucks Co., PA.
01.19 Added Walnut Creek Magic Soccer Club, Walnut Creek, CA.
01.18 Added Dix Hills Warriors, 1973, Dix Hills, NY.
01.17 Added Ridgefield Warm-Up 1995 Tournament, Ridgefield, CT.
01.16 Added Oceanside United Soccer Club, Oceanside, NY.
01.15 Added Timberlane Youth Soccer, Timberlane, NH.
01.14 Added PAYSA, Paducah, Kentucky.
01.12 Added Quail Valley Friendship Tournament, 1994, Missouri City, TX.
01.09 Added Magician Football Club of Maryland, Phoenix, MD.
01.08 Added Quail Valley Friendship Tournament, 1993, Missouri City, TX.
01.07 Added Annandale Boys Club Soccer All Stars, Annandale, VA.
01.06 The Game Behind the Game Award
The Soccer Patch has won
The Game Behind The Game's
Award for Soccer Website Excellence
Thanks to all of our fans and friends
who voted for us.
01.06 Updated the Soccer Sites.
01.05 Added Cherry Hill Girls Soccer Assoc., Cherry Hill, NJ.
01.04 Added Cy Fair Valentines's Day Tournament, 1994, Cy Fair, TX.
01.03 Added New Hyde Park Wildcats, New Hyde Park, NY.
01.02 Added Burke Soccer Club All Stars 1996, Burke, VA.
01.01 The Soccer Patch Trading Post is started on an experimental basis.
01.01 Soccer Star
Soccer Star
is selected as the January
Soccer Site of the Month
01.01 Scarborough, Maine Soccer Club, Scarborough, Maine,
is selected as the Patch of the Month.
01.01 Happy New Year!

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