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August 1998
08.31 Added Manchester Soccer Club (#3), Manchester, Connecticut.
08.30 We have reached the 800 patch mark!!.
08.30 Added Nutmeg Classic 1997, Manchester, Connecticut.
08.29 Added Charlotte Scorpions, Charlotte, Michigan.
08.28 Added SYSA Soccer Express, Southboro, Massachusetts.
08.27 Added West Hempstead Chiefs Soccer Club, West Hempstead, New York.
08.26 Added Brentwood Classic Soccer Tournament, 1996, Brentwood, Tennessee.
08.25 Added Richmond Strikers 1997 Rec., Richmond, Virginia.
08.24 Added Burrillville/Glocester Youth Soccer Assoc, Burrillville, Rhode Island.
08.01 Soccer Jr. magazine, in their July/August 1998 issue, selected The Soccer Patch as one of their Super Soccer Sites. When you get a chance, check out the magazine and browse some of their other selections. We thank Barbara Ann Devlin, Abby Anderson, and Owen Lockwood.
July 1998
07.25 Added Amherst Soccer, Amherst, Massachusetts.
07.24 Added Riverside Soccer Classic, 1998, Agawam, Massachusetts.
07.22 Added Aberdeen/Matawan Soccer, Aberdeen/Matawan, New Jersey.
07.20 Added CUSC: Carmel United Soccer Club, Carmel, Indiana.
07.19 Added East Meadow Fifth Annual Tournament, 1982, East Meadow, New York.
07.18 Added First Virginia Bank Fall Soccer Classic, 1997, Roanoake, Virginia.
07.17 Added RVC Soccer Club, Rockville Centre, New York.
07.16 Added Pepsi International Challenge Cup, 1985, Cobourg, Canada.
07.15 Added Dedham Youth Soccer, Dedham, Massachusetts.
07.14 Added Brookfield-Pepsi '98 Select Invitational, Brookfield, Wisconsin.
07.13 Added New York State West Cup Champions, New York.
07.12 Added Summit Soccer Club (new), Summit, New Jersey.
07.11 Added Long Valley Soccer Club, Long Valley, New Jersey.
07.10 Added Gateway East Heritage Classic, 1996, St. Louis, Missouri.
07.09 Added New Tampa Comets, Tampa, Florida.
07.08 Added Bellbrook Soccer, Bellbrook, Ohio.
07.07 Added Massapequa Soccer Club 19th Memorial Day Tournament, Massapequa, New York.
07.06 Added Mid-County Soccer Association, Virginia.
07.05 Added Klein Invitational Tournament XV, 1995, Houston, Texas.
07.04 Added Dunbar Soccer, South Charleston, West Virginia.
07.03 Added Germany to the World Cup section.
07.02 Added North Mecklenburg Youth Soccer Association, North Mecklenburg, North Carolina.
07.01 Gothia Cup
Gothia Cup: The World Youth Cup
has been selected as the July
Soccer Site of the Month.
07.01 The Americana Soccer patch has been selected
as the Patch of the Month.

June 1998
06.30 Added Pleasant Run Farms Soccer, Cincinnati, Ohio.
06.29 Added Spain to the World Cup section.
06.28 Added Americana Soccer, Stamford, Connecticut.
06.27 Added Reston 1979, Reston, Virginia.
06.26 Added City of Roses Tournament, 1998, Cape Girardeau, Missouri.
06.25 Added Norway to the World Cup section.
06.24 Added Palmer Kickers Scholar Athlete, Palmer, Massachusetts.
06.23 Added Chattanooga Express, Chattanooga, Tennessee.
06.22 Added Italy to the World Cup section.
06.21 Added Palmer Kickers Soccer Association, Palmer, Massachusetts.
06.20 Added West Warwick Soccer Association, West Warwick, Rhode Island.
06.19 Added Hanover Township Youth Soccer, Hanover Township, N.J.
06.19 Added a new World Cup Sites section.
06.18 Added Central Carolina Girls Soccer Association, Columbia, S.C.
06.17 Added Badanco Rebels, Kinnelon Soccer Club, Kinnelon, New Jersey.
06.16 Added Mountaineer Soccer, Morgantown, West Virginia.
06.15 Added Warren County Soccer Club, Cincinnati, Ohio.
06.14 Added Holden Youth Soccer, Holden, Massachusetts.
06.13 Added East Meadow Soccer Club Olympiad, 1981, East Meadow, New York.
06.12 Added Levittown Soccer Club, Levittown, New York.
06.11 Added Kingston Township Minor Soccer Assoc., 1983, Ontario, Canada.
06.10 Added Denmark to the World Cup section.
06.09 Added Marblehead Youth Soccer, Marblehead, Massachusetts.
06.08 Added Generals Invitational 1996 Soccer Classic, Chattanooga, Tennessee.
06.07 Added Fishers Youth Soccer, Fishers, Indiana.
06.06 Added New York State West Youth Soccer Assoc.
06.05 Added Greater Harford Soccer Club, Bel Air, Maryland.
06.04 Added Middle Country Soccer #4, Long Island, New York.
06.03 Added Marblehead Bash, Marblehead, Massachusetts.
06.02 Added Alexandria Avalanche, Alexandria, Virginia.
06.01 FRANCE 98
FRANCE 98 World Cup Football
has been selected as the June
Soccer Site of the Month.
06.01 The Stingers, 1998, patch (Palmer, MA)
has been selected as the Patch of the Month.

May 1998
05.31 Added Ashland Soccer Club, Ashland, Ohio.
05.30 Added Rainbow Classic, 10th Annual, 1995, Rockford, Illinois.
05.29 Added Ludlow Youth Soccer Columbus Day Tournament, 1992, Ludlow, Massachusetts.
05.28 Added Matthews Strikers, Matthews, North Carolina.
05.27 Added Ballistic United Soccer Club, Pleasanton, California.
05.26 Added Hammerfest IBK, Hammerfest, Norway.
05.25 Added Calverton Soccer Club, Silver Spring / Beltsville, Maryland.
05.24 Added Chantilly Youth Association Travel, Chantilly, Virginia.
05.23 Added Klein Invitational Tournament, 1995, Houston, Texas.
05.22 Added new Alaska, Canada, Hawaii, Wisconsin, and Foreign sections.
05.22 Added Cape Rowdies magnet, Cape Girardeau, Missouri.
05.21 Added Sternwheel Regatta Soccer Tournament 1991, Charleston, West Virginia.
05.20 Added US National to the World Cup section.
05.19 Added Alliance FC 86/87, Overland Park, Kansas.
05.18 Added Hawaii Soccer Association.
05.17 Added Alaska State Youth Soccer Association.
05.16 Added Milwaukee Kickers Soccer Club, Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
05.15 Added Shawnee Soccer Club, Shawnee, Kansas.
05.14 Added Rainbow Classic, 11th Annual, 1996, Rockford, Illinois.
05.13 Added East Meadow Soccer Club (old), East Meadow, New York.
05.12 Added Fishers Soccer, Fishers, Indiana.
05.11 Added Pleasant Valley Pythons, Pleasant Valley, New York.
05.10 Added Stingers, 1998, Palmer, Massachusetts.
05.09 Added Huntington Sidekicks, Huntington, West Virginia.
05.08 Added F. C. Bayern, Munich, Germany.
05.07 Added Somerset Hills Soccer Club, Bernards Township, New Jersey.
05.06 Added Bridgewater Soccer Association, Bridgewater, New Jersey.
05.05 Added Aztecs Soccer Club, Newport News, Virginia.
05.04 Added Kirkwood Lightning, Wilmington, Delaware.
05.03 Added American Cup Tournament, 1998, USYSA, Oklahoma.
05.02 Added Santos to the Mexican Premiere League section.
05.01 SoccerConnect
has been selected as the May
Soccer Site of the Month.
05.01 The Fort Washington, Maryland patch has been selected
as the Patch of the Month.


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