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December 1998
12.31 Added Cromwell Chill, Cromwell, Connecticut.
12.30 Added United, S. Calvert County, Maryland.
12.29 Added Riverside-Fort Logan Invitational, 1996, Denver, Colorado.
12.28 Added Tri Valley United Soccer Club, Massachusetts.
12.27 Added Soccer Club of Ridgefield (SCOR) (new), Ridgefield, Connecticut.
12.26 Added Douglas County Colorado Soccer, Douglas County, Colorado.
12.25 Added Stafford Soccer Club, Stafford, Virginia.
12.24 Added Texas Lightning Soccer Club, Arlington, Texas.
12.23 Added East Meadow American Ref-Fuel Tournament Pin '94, East Meadow, New York.
12.22 Added Athens XXth Invitational, 1995, Athens, Georgia.
12.21 Added Capital Area Classic 1998, Lansing, Michigan.
12.20 Added Mesquite 8th Annual Spring Classic, 1996, Mesquite, Texas.
12.19 Added Amherst Soccer Association (new), Amherst, New York.
12.18 Added Cure of Ars CYO, Merrick, New York.
12.18 Added a link to information about The 1999 Calendar of Champions
featuring the FC FORCE (1998 W-2 W-League National Champions).
12.17 Added St. Bernard Soccer, St. Bernard, Canada.
12.17 Soccer in the States Award
The The Soccer Patch
receives the
Soccer in the States Award.
12.16 We have reached the 900 patch mark!!.
12.16 Added Warriors, Stoughton, Massachusetts.
12.16 Added a tribute to K. G. Mellor.
12.15 Added The Celtic Football Club, Glasgow, Scotland.
12.14 Added James Island Cup 1997, Charleston, South Carolina.
12.13 Added Shelburne 1993, Shelburne, Vermont.
12.12 Added Cameron Lady Express, Franklin, Tennessee.
12.11 Added Celtic Soccer Club, Norman, Oklahoma.
12.10 Added Jackson Select Soccer Club, Jackson, Ohio.
12.09 Added KVSL Soccer Tournament 1994, So. Charleston, West Virginia.
12.08 Added Arsenal, Fort Collins, Colorado.
12.07 Added West Gwinnett Soccer Club, Duluth, Georgia.
12.06 Added Hammonton SC Invaders, Hammonton, New Jersey.
12.05 Added Junior All Stars, Naperville, Illinois.
12.04 Added West Windsor-Plainsboro Soccer Association, West Windsor, New Jersey.
12.03 Added Deptford Soccer, Deptford, New Jersey.
12.02 Added Rochester Mavericks, Rochester, New York.
12.01 The Badanco Rebels (NJ) patch has been selected as the Patch of the Month.

November 1998
11.24 Added White Marsh Travel Soccer, Maryland.
11.23 Added Hudson Invitational, 1998, Poughkeepsie, New York.
11.22 Added Longmeadow Soccer, Longmeadow, Massachusetts.
11.21 Added Casco Bay Soccer Club, Maine.
11.20 Added Acadiana Soccer Association Gator Cup '98, southern Louisiana.
11.19 Added The Tempe Soccer Club, Tempe, Arizona.
11.18 Added St. Clair Shores Waterfront Invitational, St. Clair Shores, Michigan.
11.17 Added Mesquite Soccer Association, 25th Aniversary, Mesquite, Texas.
11.16 Added Shelton Youth Soccer Organization, Shelton, Connecticut.
11.15 Added Chevy Soccer.
11.14 Added Glen Cove Jr. Soccer, Glen Cove, New York.
11.13 Added South Windsor Soccer Club, 1994, South Windsor, Connecticut.
11.12 Added Palmer Kickers Scholar Athlete, 1998, Palmer, Massachusetts.
11.11 Added Hotspurs Sports Club, Sydney, Australia.
11.10 Added Kirkwood Soccer Club, Kirkwood, Delaware.
11.09 Added Klein Invitational Tournament XVI, Houston, Texas.
11.08 Added Cincinnati Classics Soccer Club, Cincinnati, Ohio.
11.07 Added Forest Hill Soccer Club, Forest Hill, Maryland.
11.06 Added Indian Mills Spirit, Indian Mills, New Jersey.
11.05 Added Medford United Soccer Club, Medford, Massachusetts.
11.04 Added Orange & Blue Fall Cup, 1998, Champaign-Urbana, Illinois.
11.03 Added Valley Soccer Club, Deep River, Chester, Essex, Connecticut.
11.02 Added Lorain Shooters, Lorain, Ohio.
11.01 Youth Soccer Clubs
The Youth Soccer Clubs site
has been selected as the November
Soccer Site of the Month.
11.01 The West Deptford (NJ) Thanksgiving Tournament 1997 patch was added
and has been selected as the Patch of the Month.

October 1998
10.31 Added Frederick Soccer Club, Frederick, Maryland.
10.30 Added Acadiana Soccer Association Coca-Cola Cup '98, southern Louisiana.
10.29 Added Acadiana Soccer Association (#2), southern Louisiana.
10.28 Added Orange Lazers, Orange, Connecticut.
10.27 Added Arlington Tsunami, Arlington, Virginia.
10.26 Added Patchogue-Medford Youth Soccer League (#2), Patchogue, New York.
10.25 Added East Brunswick Soccer Club, East Brunswick, New Jersey.
10.24 Added Cherry Creek Soccer, Cherry Creek, Colorado.
10.23 Added Clarkson Sheridan Soccer Club, Clarkson, Canada.
10.22 Added Saginaw 7-Eleven Soccer Classic 1998, Saginaw, Michigan.
10.21 Added City of Roses Invitational, 1998, Cape Girardeau, Missouri.
10.20 Added Greentree Recreational Association, Mt. Laurel, New Jersey.
10.19 Added Marietta Select Soccer, Marietta, Ohio.
10.18 Added Cooke Inlet Soccer Club, Anchorage, Alaska.
10.17 Added East Meadow American Ref-Fuel Tournament Pin '95, East Meadow, New York.
10.16 Added Westlake Hurricanes, Westlake, Ohio.
10.15 Added Logan County Soccer Club, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.
10.14 Added Windsor Soccer Club Columbus Day Tournament, 1997, Windsor, Connecticut.
10.13 Added Striker Shootout '98, Richmond, Virginia.
10.12 Added Derby Youth Soccer, Derby, Connecticut.
10.11 Added Gunpowder United Soccer Club, Harford County, Maryland.
10.10 Added Peachtree City Youth Soccer, Atlanta, Georgia.
10.09 Added Lanzera Soccer Kick Invitational, 1995, Stone Mountain, Georgia.
10.08 Added Georgetown Invitational Tournament, 1997, Georgetown, Texas.
10.07 Added Bombers, Littleton, Colorado.
10.06 Added Barnwell Lady Mavericks, Barnwell, South Carolina.
10.05 Added Gwinnett Soccer Association (#2), Lilburn, Georgia.
10.04 Added West Deptford Wizards, West Deptford, New Jersey.
10.03 Added Douglas County Blast, Douglas County, Colorado.
10.02 Added Piscataway Lady Blackhawks, Piscataway, New Jersey.
10.01 In association with, The Soccer Patch is pleased to provide a link to the site. All purchases made at, when gotten at through one of the links on our page (such as the one on our new BOOKS page) result in a small commission for The Soccer Patch. We hope that this will help to defray our operating expenses. We encourage you to use this link when making any of your purchases at Please report any problems or concerns to us via email. In addition, if you have any recommendations on soccer books, please email us. Thanks!
10.01 National Soccer Hall of Fame
The National Soccer Hall of Fame

has been selected as the October

Soccer Site of the Month.

10.01 The Fishers' Halloween Classic (Fishers, Indiana) patch was added
and has been selected as the Patch of the Month.

September 1998
09.30 Added KVSL Soccer Tournament 1993, So. Charleston, West Virginia.
09.29 Added Hanover Township Youth Soccer (new), Hanover Township, New Jersey.
09.28 Added Mariner Youth Soccer Club, 1992, Massachusetts.
09.27 Added Rolling Thunder, East Brunswick, New Jersey.
09.26 Added Amherst Soccer Association, Amherst, New York.
09.25 Added N.E.O. Soccer, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
09.24 Added Manheim Township Soccer Club, Lancaster, Pennsylvania.
09.23 Added Prince Williams Toys for Tots, 3rd Annual, Prince William County, Virginia.
09.22 Added Marblehead Magic, Marblehead, Massachusetts.
09.21 Added Chaps Soccer Club, Austin, Texas.
09.20 Added Richmond Strikers 1998 Rec., Richmond, Virginia.
09.19 Added Brentwood Soccer Club Father's Day Invitational, 1998, Brentwood, New York.
09.18 Added Smoke-Free Kids.
09.17 Added Capitol Area Soccer League, Lansing, Michigan.
09.16 Added Juventus USA (new), Worcester, Massachusetts.
09.15 Added Alexandria Soccer Association, Alexandria, Virginia.
09.14 Added Greater Ft. Myers Soccer Club, Lee County, Florida.
09.13 Added Red Lion Soccer Club #2, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
09.12 Added Wheeling Soccer Club, Wheeling, West Virginia.
09.11 Added Women's Island Soccer Association, Hawaii.
09.10 Added Sudbury Hawks, Sudbury, Canada.
09.09 Added East Meadow Olympiad, 1984, East Meadow, New York.
09.08 Added Upper Bucks Soccer League, Bucks County, Pennsylvania.
09.07 Added Bay Soccer Club, Bay Village, Ohio.
09.06 Added Hotspur, Fredericksburg, Virginia.
09.05 Added St. Thomas More Tigers, Houston, Texas.
09.04 Added KVSL Soccer Tournament 1992, So. Charleston, West Virginia.
09.03 Added Juventus USA, Worcester, Massachusetts.
09.02 Added Georgetown Youth Soccer, Georgetown, Massachusetts.
09.01 Internet Soccer Clinics
has been selected as the September Soccer Site of the Month.
09.01 The Marblehead Youth Soccer patch (Marblehead, MA)
has been selected as the Patch of the Month.


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