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August 1999
08.28 Added Reading Berks Explosives, Reading, Pennsylvania.
08.27 Added Gunpowder Football Club, Baltimore & Harford Counties, Maryland.
08.26 Added Baltimore Football Club United, Baltimore, Maryland.
08.21 Added Panthers U.S.A., York, Pennsylvania.
08.20 Added Overlea Soccer, Baltimore County, Maryland.
08.19 Added Ridgefield Park Soccer Association, Ridgefield Park, New Jersey.
08.12 Added Edison United Soccer Association, Edison, New Jersey.
08.10 Added Sanford Springvale Soccer Association, Sanford/Springvale, Maine.
08.09 Added minijersey.
08.08 Added Springfield Thunder, Springfield, Ohio.
08.06 Added Chenango Soccer Club Chargers, Chenango, New York.
08.05 The LYSA Columbus Day Tournament dogtag, 1997(Ludlow, Massachusetts) has been
added and has been selected as the Patch of the Month.

July 1999
07.02 USA Womens World Cup 99

    The USA Women's World Cup 99 website
    has been selected as the July Soccer Site of the Month.

07.01 The NECONN Lightning U-10 Girls, Putnam, CT, patch
has been selected as the Patch of the Month.

June 1999
06.28 Added Montgomery Soccer, Montgomery, New Jersey.
06.26 Added Lakewood United, Lakewood, Colorado.
06.24 Added Darien YMCA Soccer, Darien, Connecticut.
06.22 Added Roxbury Soccer Club, Succasunna, New Jersey.
06.20 Added Putnam Youth Soccer, Spring 1999, Putnam, Connecticut.
06.18 Added Muhlenberg Soccer Association, Muhlenberg, Pennsylvania.
06.17 Added Northstars Soccer Club, Syracuse, New York.
06.16 Added Aurora Sting, 1997 State Champions, Aurora, Colorado.
06.14 Added Charles River Premier Cup, 1991, Boston, Massachusetts.
06.13 Added Scorpions Soccer Club, Braintree, Massachusetts.
06.12 Added Deer Park Soccer Celtics, Deer Park, New York.
06.11 Added Palmer Stingers, 1999, Palmer, Massachusetts.
06.10 Added Ancient City Soccer Lady Cobras, St. Augustine, Florida.
06.09 Added Americans Soccer Club, Allendale, New Jersey.
06.08 Added NECONN Lightning U-10 Girls, Putnam, Connecticut.
06.07 Added Amesbury Soccer Association, Amesbury, Massachusetts.
06.06 Added Westfield Cup, 1999, Westfield, New Jersey.
06.04 Added Colorado Springs Stallions, Colorado Springs, Colorado.
06.02 Soccer Club!
The Soccer Club! website
has been selected as the June Soccer Site of the Month.
06.01 The Lexington Waves, Lexington, SC, patch has been
added and has been selected as the Patch of the Month.

May 1999
05.29 Added Greenwich Soccer Association, Greenwich, Connecticut.
05.28 Added Wilmington Youth Soccer, Wilmington, Massachusetts.
05.27 Added Greece Eclipse Soccer Club, Rochester, New York.
05.26 Added Morehead Soccer, Morehead, Kentucky.
05.25 Added NECONN P.A.S.S. Tournament 1999, Putnam, Connecticut.
05.24 New inquiries have been added to the Help Needed section.
05.22 Added Linwood Lightning, Linwood, New Jersey.
05.21 Added Olympic Soccer Club, Syracuse, New York.
05.19 Added Feyenoord, Rotterdam, Netherlands.
05.18 Added Bismarck Soccer League 1993, Bismarck, North Dakota.
05.17 Added Scots American Jr. Soccer, Kearny, New Jersey.
05.16 Added United Quest Canterbury Cup 1997, Atlanta, Georgia.
05.15 Added Old Dominion Cup Soccer Tournament, 1998, Virginia Beach, Virginia.
05.14 Added Old Dominion Soccer Club, Virginia Beach, Virginia.
05.12 Added Scott County Family YMCA Soccer, Iowa.
05.11 Added SV North Rogue Soccer, Seneca Valley, Pennsylvania.
05.10 Added Crofton Soccer Club, Crofton, Maryland.
05.09 Added Keystone Soccer Club, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
05.08 Added Amherst Storm, Amherst, Massachusetts.
05.07 Added New Mexico Youth Soccer Assn. Ryan Cup, 1988, New Mexico.
05.06 Added Tattnall Soccer, Macon, Georgia.
05.05 Added a request from Fawaz A. to our Help Needed section.
05.04 Added a request from John J. to our Help Needed section.
05.03 Added an inquiry from Lee S. to our Help Needed section.
05.02 Yahoo! Sports: World Soccer
The Yahoo! Sports: World Soccer website
has been selected as the May Soccer Site of the Month.
05.01 The LOLSC: Lyme-Old Lyme Soccer Club, Old Lyme, CT, patch has been
added and has been selected as the Patch of the Month.


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