Joe Strauss Invitational 2003, RI patch

July 2003
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Joe Strauss Invitational 2003
Coventry, Rhode Island

Proceeds from this tournament fund programs to combat underage drinking.

Donated by Steven J. Horowitz.

Visit the Joe Strauss Foundation website.

Patch #1463, added on June 8, 2003.

Information from the Joe Strauss Foundation:

The History:
On Mother's Day 1996 Joe Strauss, a passionate soccer player from Coventry, R.I, died in an alcohol related car crash. He was the passenger. Joe was only 20. History has it that before every game Joe would give the goalie this self made Genie. The team went on to win five R.I. Regional Cup finals.

The Wish:
Adolescents and teens should be aware of the problems of underage drinking and the deadly effects it can have. It is our wish that what happened to Joe never happens to anyone again. The Genie should serve as a symbol of this wish.

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