Hartsville United
Hartsville, South Carolina

This is the team patch of 1996-97 Hartsville United U14 Classic Team.
This was the first year of Classic-level soccer for many of the boys on Hartsville United.

Donated by Drew Wilkerson.
Drew trades patches one for one and can be reached through his dad via email at: Michael.Wilkerson@sonoco.com.

Drew says:
"This unique patch was designed by our British sponsor, Royce Public Relations of Manchester, England and Brussels, Belgium. Royce does business with a major company in Hartsville and learned of our team's need for a sponsor. The patch features the American and British flags to show the international alliance. It also features the devil, which is the team's mascot and the mascot of Manchester United, our sponsor's favorite professional team. A heart was added to the tail of the devil to symbolize Hartsville. The team also wears the red and white colors of Manchester United."


We thank Drew for starting our collection of South Carolina patches.

Patch #385, added on May 17, 1997.

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