T.W.I.S.T. 1985 Wallingford, CT, Invitational

From the collection of Kevin Rondeau

Added on Jan. 25, 1996.

(Note added on Dec.  17, 1996)
"I was browsing through your patch collection and I came upon 
 a patch from the 1985 TWIST tournament in Wallingford, Ct. 
 It brought back memories from my younger playing days, and I 
 must admit those were some great days. Even though we gave up 
 I think it was 27 goals and scored only one, I still had the
 time of my life. I look at the pin that I bought and it brings 
 back so many memories. 
 Thank you for all that you have done for the game of soccer."
            Brian Corcoran (BPCDUDE@aol.com)
            1990 Montville, Ct. Last place champs
            10-12 yr old group
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