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Texas Lightning Soccer Club
Arlington, Texas

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"The TEXAS LIGHTNING SOCCER CLUB is based out of Arlington, Texas but is made up of 500 youth players from all over the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. The club was established for the specific purpose of developing a youth soccer program whose goals are to achieve a developmental program in which youth soccer players can train and compete at various levels of competition and have the opportunities to consistently develop and achieve state, regional, and national soccer accomplishments.

With the dedication of the 30 teams that incorporate the club and the many adult volunteers that love the players and the game of soccer, the TEXAS LIGHTNING SOCCER CLUB hosts 2 tournaments a year. Each tournament is played in the Arlington area. The first tournament "The Texas Lightning Showcase Tournament" which is usually held in April, and the "PUMA CUP USA Tournament" which is usually played in July.

The Showcase Tournament is normally played the first few days before the Easter holidays (April 1-3, 1999). We start off the tournament by having a banquet on Thursday night. This banquet is first class and is very informative for the parents and coaches as well as the players. We have guest speakers who have different roles in the preparation of your players for collegiate play. They will be giving suggestions on how to better prepare your team to be ready for the very competitive world of getting college coaches attention and in obtaining a college scholarship. This tournament is not just centered on the teams in our club. We offer this tournament to very selective teams within the U.S. in order to give the college coaches a quality tournament that they will want to return to each year. The most unique item about this tournament is that we have a bracket just for high school sophomores as well as juniors and seniors. Last year we had the bracket for the sophomores and it was a big hit with the college coaches.

The PUMA CUP USA tournament is usually played in the later weeks in July. With most competitive teams forming in the first to middle part of July, this gives each team that participates the opportunity to play competitive level teams before their league tournament which starts in August. This tournament also provides opportunities for the recreational players as well. We have brackets starting at under-8 through U-10. All older age groups will play in the competitive brackets. We do anticipate play with countries outside of the U.S.

For your convenience, the Texas Lightning Soccer Club has a web site, which can be found at Texas Lightning or dial the club hotline at 817-424-2700."

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