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Welcome to the cyberhome of
The Soccer Patch
a place for soccer fans to view soccer patches and
pins and represent their teams, towns, and tournaments.

If you are proud of your team and town, and would like your
patch displayed, we will be happy to do so, if you do the following.

Mail us one patch from your team, along with the following information:

* Your name
* Your team's name
* Your team's city
* Your team's state
* Your team's URL (optional)
* Your personal email address or URL (optional)
(only if you want a link put in, so that others can contact you)

Protecting your privacy

In order to protect your privacy and security, The Soccer Patch wants to make every effort to ensure that information about you is used with your permission, or with the permission of an adult if you are a minor.

If you would like to have either your name and/or your email address posted on your patch page, please fill out the this form and mail it to us at the address provided below.

If you do not want either your name or email address listed, we will display the patch without this information.

Please read our Privacy Policy before completing this form.

Soccer Patch Permission Form

___   I am 18 years of age or older and give The Soccer Patch permission
      to list my name / email address (as indicated below) on their website.

Your name as you would like it to appear (optional) (please print):


Your email as you would like it to appear (optional) (please print):


Today's date :         ___________________________________________

Your signature :       ___________________________________________


___   I am the parent (or guardian) of a child under the age of 18 years and give
      The Soccer Patch permission to list my child's name / email address
      (as indicated below) on The Soccer Patch website.

Child's name as it should appear (optional) (please print):


Child's email as it should appear (optional) (please print):


Today's date :         ___________________________________________

Parent's/guardian's name (please print): _______________________________

Parent's/guardian's signature :       ________________________________


Patches that are sent to us without the completed, and signed, Permission Form, will be posted, but will not include information about the donor's name and/or email address. Thanks for your cooperation!

Our mailing address is:

The Soccer Patch
16031 N. 23rd Pl.
Phoenix, AZ 85022

Because of the large backlog that we have, it can often take from 3-4 weeks before patches are posted. We will try to email you when the patch that you sent has been received. We will also email you when the patch is posted (if you have provided an email address).

An alternative method of getting patches to us is as graphics files (in GIF or PICT format), however we much prefer to receive the actual patches so that we can scan them to our own satisfaction. Please send graphics files to us on a floppy disk to the address indicated above.

NOTE: We are no longer receiving graphics files as email attachments.
The recent increase in virus/worm-generated bogus email messages that include large attachments has required us to filter out messages with large attachments. Sorry.

Priority will be given to real patches -- graphics images should only be sent as a last resort. If you are sending graphics files, you must send us a completed Permission Form if you would like to have your name and/or email address listed on the patch page.

This is a free service, however we cannot return patches or floppy disks that are sent to us.

If you need to contact us for other reasons, our email address is:

The Soccer Patch